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As my first post on this blog, I’d like to tell you about the photograph in my header. It’s a picture of Cape May, New Jersey, a city located at the southern tip of the New Jersey Peninsula, right where the Delaware Bay meets the Atlantic Ocean.

This wonderful place is the setting for the first of my cozy mystery series of three called the Cape May Capers which is overtaken by my amateur sleuths, the McKall triplets. My reason for choosing Cape May as my setting is because it’s a warm and friendly atmosphere filled with people who are all there for the same reason, fun and tranquility.


From the beaches, to the wonderful architecture of Victorian mansions, some of which have been turned into B&Bs, Cape May offers great shopping, restaurants, fresh fish markets, amazing beaches, and it’s just an overall wonderful place to spend time. And if you don’t already know this, there are some B&Bs that are haunted. But we’ll talk more about that as time goes on.


picture-vichouses picture-porch

Cape May is near and dear to my heart because it’s where my entire family vacations every year, and let me tell you, we’ve made some great memories that have lasted far beyond our stay, so it’s only natural that I’d want it to be my setting.

The year-round population of Cape May is about 4,700, a number that varies somewhat, but during summer weekends, that number can explode to more than 40,000.

If you haven’t been to Cape May, my hope is that this wonderful city will come to life on the pages of my series still in the works and not published yet. Titles like,  Death by Stiletto, Abra Cadaver, and Here Comes the Tide are the titles of the three in this series, and of course, what would a cozy mystery be without amatuer sleuths–a mystery. My main characters are Katie, Shelby and Riley McKall who manage to give the police department a run for their money. Fortunately, they’re not breaking any laws because they feed information, or at least Katie does, to Harry Boyle, our hot looking detective who used to sleuth with Katie when they were kids. Well, he wasn’t so hot looking then. As a matter of fact, she only hung out with him because her mom made her.

By introducing you to my characters, I’m hoping you’ll be old friends by the time the books are published. I’ll also include scenes to whet your appetite.

So, sit back and enjoy the McKall triplets and their adventures through Cape May. I hope you’ll stop back often, and if you like what you see, please sign up to have the weekly post delivered to your mailbox.