This week, I’m introducing Katie McKall. She’s the lead amateur sleuth in Death by Stiletto, and the oldest by seconds to Shelby and Riley, her triplet sisters.  They’re 26 years old, but each one is a different as the day is long. They grew up in Cape May, New Jersey, but currently live in Arizona because all three went to the University of Arizona.

Katie hadn’t planned on attending the UOA, but Riley got a full scholarship so they all enrolled there because triplets don’t live apart. Katie really wanted to attend a college in New York, but she made the ultimate sacrifice so her sister’s could attend the university of their choice. Quite honestly, I’m not sure the other two sisters would have made that kind of sacrifice for Katie, but you’ll find that out as the story unfolds.

As the oldest, Katie takes on the mother role, mainly because their parents spend summers in New Jersey and visit Arizona occasionally. Now that the parents have an RV, after the summer, they head down the open road and wind up wherever. Living in their home on wheels affords them that privilege.

Mama , who’s also known as Mary Alice McCormick-McKall, is the exact opposite of  her husband Patrick James McKall, who’s a hippie. A throwback from his parents who participated in Woodstock in the 1960’s. And frankly, it’s a wonder they ever married, but you know what they say about opposites attracting, right?

Mary Alice is a no nonsense kind of mom and what she says . . . well, usually goes, but that doesn’t always make everyone happy. Dad on the other hand doesn’t pay much attention because while mom is always trying to discourage the girls from sleuthing, Dad is a sleuth himself and he’s encouraging Katie to continue. During the summer months, he’s the owner and operator of a yogurt shop called The Humphrey Yogurt. Get it? A play on words for Humphrey Bogart.

Each week, I will be introducing one of the leading characters in Death by Stiletto, then ultimately post the first chapter for your reading pleasure–to whet your appetite, of course because that’s what we authors do.

Twenty-six year old Katie McKall is 5’5″, curvaceous, long straight brown hair with hazel eyes. Her given field is an educator for the hearing impaired and she writes mysteries. You knew that, didn’t you?

It seems, wherever she goes, people are dying around her and of course, you know that she must butt her nose in because she can’t help herself. Yeah, try telling that to the police. Unfortunately, the minute the police know she’s in town, they’re running scared. Not because she’s a scary person, but because she’s usually the one who looks at the stuff they don’t. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the police aren’t doing their jobs, but Katie has a way of getting the witnesses to trust her . . . and what comes with trust? Spilling their guts. In the end though, she always turns the evidence over to the police.

Katie doesn’t currently have a boyfriend, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want one. She’s just terribly busy and doesn’t have much time. Although coming to Cape May for her class reunion has somehow changed that when she runs into Harry Boyle. He’s the chubby, sloppy kid she hung out with when she sleuthed during her school years, and that wasn’t because she wanted to–Mama made her. Harry’s clothes always looked like he’d slept in them and he probably did because he wore the same thing every day. The only attribute she could see about hanging out with him was that he was an upper classman. Now, it’s seven years later, and she’s seeing a Harry in another light. Yeah, the spotlight and he’s knocking her socks off with his tailored suits and designer shoes.

He’s a detective now on the Cape May police force and when Sissy Post wakes the sisters in the wee hours of the morning to report that she’s got a dead body in her room, the triplets kick into high gear. Katie’s hoping Harry might help her–you know, for old times sake, but nah, that’s not gonna happen–that is unless he slips. The other thing about not getting involved with Harry, who’s now making her swoon, is he’s got a girlfriend by the name of Chloe and he wants Katie to meet her. Can you imagine that?