mcCall triplets

Triplets may look alike on the outside, but on the inside . . . hmm, well, that’s a different story. Take Shelby for example, she’s the second oldest sister, a nurse and very much like her mother when it comes to sleuthing–she’s not so keen on it. Although she does tag along on occasion, she follows all the rules and hates running from the police because she’s snooping where she doesn’t belong. The reason she tags along is mostly because she’s a nurse and wants to make sure the victims aren’t struggling to stay alive.  Shelby’s also the reason the sisters all attended the University of Arizona. Shelby is laid back and not at all showy. She’s the shy middle child.

Shelby isn’t as stylish as the other two sisters. She doesn’t paint her toes or fingernails, and well, she’s sort of frumpy. She has a boyfriend by the name of Gene back in Arizona but he won’t commit and that doesn’t make for a happy relationship when she wants to get married and have babies. The fact that Gene strolls into work late and often looks like the morning after the night before should have been her first clue he’s a player. They met on the job at Banner Medical Center.

And now we come to one of my favorite characters, Riley McKall. She’s the runt of the liter, so to speak.  Riley’s a fight-the-establishment kind of gal who isn’t interested in being like everyone else. As a graphic designer, her exterior is exactly the way she wants people to see her–inked and colorful! She wears funky hairstyles with multiple colors, multi-colored nails polish, full makeup, big earrings, ring in her lip and dresses to the nine’s, just like Katie who’s a tad more conservative. Here’s a picture of what she looks like. Except for her facial features, she doesn’t look anything like her other two sisters. As a result, she gets a lot of attention, which is what she really wants.

Riley McKall

She and Katie get along a lot better than she does with Shelby and she and her mother usually have a tug of war. I can’t wait for you to learn more about her in the series! Next week you’ll meet mom and dad.