Mary Alice McCormick-McKall, better known as mama of the McKall clan is a bit high-strung, and the complete opposite of her husband, Phillip Patrick McKall.

Phillip and Mary Alice met in high school, but it was during tryouts for the rock musical Hair, a story about hippies who dodged the draft during the Vietnam war, that they really got to know one another.  Mary Alice got the part because she was quite vocal about the way things were run at the school, and Phillip . . . well, he had no interest in parading across a stage, but the school’s principal gave him an ultimatum: tryout for the play or be expelled for smoking pot on the premises. As they say, you do the math!

Quite honestly, it was a natural fit for him because he dressed like a hippie, the way his parents, who were still stuck in the 60s Woodstock hippie generation, did.

It wasn’t until he saw Mary Alice, the shapely, long-haired blonde he so wanted to date that he stopped the resistance and sang his heart out to get the part. He got the part . . . and the girl.

But here’s the thing, although Mary Alice was vocal, she had no interest in becoming anything like him, and there for a while, he toed the line and acted quite normal–well, his kind of normal.  The two get along, but honestly, it’s hard to imagine oil and water blending well.


Here’s a picture of Phillip and Mary Alice on the set of Hair! hippie couple

Now, three daughters later, Phillip has calmed down a lot. Riley is the closest to her dad because they’re kindred spirits in the ‘dare to be different’ department. Katie is also close to Phillip, but for different reasons. Phillip encourages her sleuthing, while Mary Alice discourages. And Shelby? Well, she’s just like her mama who stays home in the RV crocheting and making quilts, while Phillip runs his business in Cape May six months of the year, a popular hangout named Humphrey Yogurt.

Now that the girls all have jobs, mom and dad are back in Cape May for six months of the year. The other six, they’re footloose and fancy free to do whatever Mary Alice wants! 🙂