Meet the foxy Harry Boyle. He wasn’t always foxy, or even good-looking, or the type of guy you couldn’t take your eyes off. But . . . sometimes people change, they mature, and they mold themselves into another persona that totally shocks the world–maybe even them. Six foot three, slender, red hair, a square jaw, thick neck like a football player, and the deepest blue eyes that could sweep any girl off her feet. So who do I see?  None other than Prince Harry. I think that might be why I named him Harry . . . subconsciously, that is.

I tried getting a picture of Prince Harry to post on here but they must all be copyrighted because even though it said I’d save it, I couldn’t add it. We all know what Harry looks like anyway, so I guess it’s okay.

I honestly don’t know of any other red headed male that is as gorgeous as he is. He’s got a nice build, a great smile, and he’s the perfect gentlemen. Okay, so he’s a little wild sometimes, but he hasn’t matured to his full potential yet.

Okay, back to Lizzie’s Harry. She finds it hard to believe he has turned his life around 360 degrees.  As a matter fact, he was a young boy who sleuthed with Lizzie, and as I mentioned before, he looked like a first class slob whose carrot top hair was matted like a bad case of long overdue dreadlocks.

Harry credits Lizzie with his desire to become a law enforcer because she turned him on to sleuthing . . . and well, that’s not all. He wanted to date her but was too chicken to ask for fear she’d refuse. Now, on the Cape May PD, he’s worked himself up to detective status.

When Sissy Post–she’s the number one suspect in the murder of Crystal Cole, a former classmate and an archenemy of Sissy. I haven’t told you about Sissy yet, so just take my word for it and then you can make up your own mind when the book is finished. Lizzie and her sisters haven’t been back to Cape May for five years because they were too busy getting their education at the University of Arizona. During summers, they worked and as soon as they graduated, they all got jobs and with one week’s vacation, the distance in flying time left them with only four days to hang out there. It hardly seemed worth it, but when they heard there was going to be a class reunion, they decided it was time to go home for a visit and get reacquainted with their former classmates.

So, when Sissy insisted on telling Katie what was going on with Harry, she just shrugged it off. There was no way Harry Boyle looked that good, and it was hard to even imagine it. Katie’s always thought of Sissy as a flake, so she didn’t pay much stock to her description, but when she saw him . . . va va voom! The girl could not take her eyes off him. Harry caught her a few times and of course, she blushed, but he thought that was cute. Once she got a close up–she just knew the guy wasn’t single, especially since he mentioned Chloe. It’s surreal that he’s really that good-looking or charming. Not the Harry Boyle she knew!

And although Katie hasn’t asked him for help . . . you know, the scoop on what the police have already concerning Crystal’s murder, he’s keeping a tight lip, except when he slips.