Ahh, Sissy Post. She’s the shapely blonde with the deepest blue eyes you’ve ever seen. She’s also the gossipy teenager who talked about her so-called friends behind their backs . . . and sometimes to their faces. She’s no shrinking violet, that’s for sure, but she isn’t a bad person either. Unfortunately, during her teenage years, she fought with a lot of girls, but mostly, Crystal Cole. Sissy even got picked up by the local police for giving Crystal a black eye. That was after she saw Crystal flirting with her boyfriend.  Now, all of that is about to backfire after reporting that her jewelry is missing and there’s a dead body in her hotel room at the Oceans End.

What people don’t know about Sissy is that she grew up in a broken home with a mom who worked three jobs just to make ends meet. Consequently, Sissy never got the attention she desired and so she made sure she got noticed by doing bad things–sometimes to her detriment.

Sissy is the lone niece of her mother’s only sister, Sara Bennett, who did have lots of money and flaunted it all the time. Sara never knew about their financial woes because Sissy’s mother pretended things were okay.

Now in her twenties and on her own, Sissy’s still pretending. No one knows the clothing she wears is purchased from Goodwill because she garnishes her outfits with the jewelry left to her by her aunt when she died. Sadly, the orange jumpsuit she’s sporting around these days didn’t come from Goodwill, it came from Cape May County’s Department of Corrections after the police identified the victim as Crystal Cole who’d died from the spike of Sissy’s stiletto heel driven into heart!

Next week, I’ll be posting the first installment of chapter one of Death by Stiletto!