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One of the most charming things about a cozy mystery, in my opinion, is the setting. The setting can, in many ways, almost become another character in and of itself and can drive the direction of the mystery in surprising ways.

St Mary Mead

Early on in my cozy mystery reading career, I was a huge Agatha Christie fan. Some of my favorite stories were set in quintessentially English villages where Miss Marple or Poirot would solve seemingly mundane crimes amongst the tight knit villagers. From Miss Marple’s St. Mary Mead to Jessica Fletcher’s Cabot Cove, small town life was the best for murder and mayhem!

Or was it?

While her earlier works took place in small English villages, Agatha Christie soon spread her wings and began including more exotic locales: the Caribbean, Mesopotamia, Bagdad, and so on. My twelve year old heart delighted in exploring such places from the comfort of my twin bed. Jessica Fletcher did the same as Murder, She Wrote took her to equally exotic locations: Hawaii, New York, Ireland, Paris.


To be honest, I love both equally. From the charm of a small seaside town to the sticky humidity of a Florida beach, each is captivating in it’s own way.

What is your favorite setting for a cozy mystery?