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One of my ultimate favorite cozy mysteries is Murder, She Wrote. Jessica FletcherEach week the indomitable Jessica Fletcher would set out on another adventure, solving crimes and seeing justice served along the way. I especially loved that she was a writer, something that was often woven into the story. I enjoyed that inner glimpse into the life of a famous author, even if said author was fictional. To craft a mystery around a hobby/career like that seemed downright magical. I got to journey with Jessica to writers’ conferences, signings, and on research trips to exotic places.

In fact, I loved it so much, I chose to set my series, Viola Roberts Cozy Mysteries, around the life and travels of a writer. Write what you love, am I right?


Photo: Alison Sweeney LLC/Photographer: Bettina Strauss

Now days there are entire series based around interesting and unique careers and hobbies. Take, for instance, the new television series, Murder, She Baked (based on the Hannah Swensen book series by Joanne Fluke). The main character, and amateur detective, is a baker. The book chapters are interspersed with delicious recipes while the TV show provides a delightful visual that has me reaching for the nearest cookbook.

And it doesn’t stop with the culinary. From quilting to tarot card reading, tea shops and books shops there is something for everyone. Even Sudoku mysteries. Themed mysteries allow the read to not only enjoy the whodunnit factor, but to experience the main character’s passion for something totally different. In fact, I’m currently reading a series that involves hula dancing! Now, that is one fun series, let me tell you. Not only do I desperately want a trip to Hawaii, but I want to learn to hula! (I’ll pass on the dead bodies, though.)

What are some of your favorite hobby/career based mystery series? And what hobby or career based cozy mystery would pique your interest?