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Ah, cozy mysteries. There are so many wonderful things that make a cozy fun. From interesting settings to unique hobbies, the options are endless.

caribbean_mystery_qx6_jpg_235x600_q951One of my favorite settings for a mystery is the Caribbean. I think my first exposure to this setting was Agatha Christie’s classic whodunnit, A Caribbean Mystery. Our sleuth, Miss Marple, is vacationing in the tropics when someone asks her,  ‘Would you like to see a picture of a murderer?’ If you’re a movie lover, you can watch the excellent version with Joan Hickson on Amazon. Or if you prefer the more recent version with Julia McKenzie, you can watch it here. Both versions are excellent in their own way.

Of course the inestimable Jessica Fletcher visited the Caribbean not once, but twice (Widow, Weep for Me and Ship of Thieves). You’d have thought they’d have asked her to stay away after all those bodies! Death_in_Paradise_S1-3_boxset_R-B02653-9_Movie_TV_Pack

Lately I’ve been obsessed with Death in Paradise, the fun murder mystery show from
England. It’s perfect! Fish out of water detective, locals who think he’s bonkers, and an exotic setting. What could be better? Oh, yes, a dead body or two. 😉

Do you have a favorite cozy mystery (book or movie) with a Caribbean setting? Please share. I might find something new for my TBR pile!