A huge hello to everyone!

I’m so excited to share the news of my first cozy mystery that releases today, October 5th!

Desserts Can Be Deadly is a Kindle Worlds novella based on best selling author, Marina Adair’s, St. Helena Vineyard series which was sold to Hallmark.  Autumn in the Vineyards will air on October 8th, and I can’t wait to see it. If you haven’t read any of her books yet, you owe it to yourself to check her out, and I promise you won’t be sorry.

To tell you a bit about how this got started, after Marina sold her series to Hallmark, she decided to capitalize on spreading the word about her good fortune and asked 18 of her favorite authors to join her by writing a Kindle Worlds story using her characters and setting. I’m honored to be one of them.



Here’s what the story is about:

If there’s one thing the residents of St. Helena know, it’s never a good idea to screw with any member of the DeLuca family! Nonna ChiChi Ryo, DeLuca matriarch, is not one to sit idle when someone is trying to frame her family for murder. The heat kicks up as Nico fills in for the hot new owner of The Doggie Bone, Juliana Marino. But when Juliana herself ends up falling victim and being poisoned, Nico is back under the microscope, finding himself arrested for a crime he didn’t commit. Time is running out on the quarantine and Nico’s freedom. Can the Crime Buster Unit clear his name so he can get back to romancing Juliana, or will the real culprits get away?

Two recent fatalities are determined to be death by poison. Both had one thing in common—a sweet confection prepared by Lexi & Nico DeLuca. Now, the whole town finds itself quarantined for the next seventy-two hours to allow the Center for Poison Control to analyze the pantries in all the eateries, and DeLuca is a dirty word among them. Nonna ChiChi won’t take this sitting down and resurrects the Secret Woman’s Society, she’s calling the Crime Buster’s Unit, namely the grannies, Pricilla, Lucinda and of course, Mr. Puffins who plays an important role in the scheme of things.

I had so much fun writing this story and can’t wait for everyone to read it.  I look forward to joining the cozy mystery circuit and have lots of books planned!